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Our company is registered in the TRACES European System (TRAde Control and Expert System) and we are largest Russian exporter of bee products. At the request of the customer, all products can be packed into any retail or wholesale container. We highly value our reputation and therefore we cooperate with reliable transport companies that carry out stable direct sea and land supplies to anywhere in the world.

Due to the location of the Samara region in the Central European part of Russia, we have great opportunities for obtaining beekeeping products from various regions of our country, which allows us to provide the products of our customers in enough quantities.

The European part of Russia is almost entirely on the East European Plain, in the so-called fertile triangle,and Samara region is included and it covering an area of 53.6 thousand km2 in the southeast of the European part of Russia.

One of the distinctive features of the flora of Samara region is a high species ability. According to various estimates, 1500 to 1800 species of higher plants grow here, but only about 180 of them have a practical importance for beekeeping.

Approximate honeybase of the central and southern part of the Samara region: fruit gardens, Tatar maple, linden, sainfoin, sweet clover, buckwheat, sunflower, chicory, etc.

Branded honey of the Samara region is considered linden, buckwheat, sunflower, sainfoin, meadow polyfloral.

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