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Polyfloral honey

Polyfloral called the product obtained from the nectar harvested from herbs, plants and trees growing in the same region. Polyfloral honey is collected in summer, from May to the end of August. A variety of nutrients, honey gives an unusual quality. Even with one space it is impossible to assemble a product with the same properties. It depends on flowering time, the presence and proportion of honey plants. The predominant component will give a unique shade of taste and color.

Polyfloral honey

There are several varieties of product:

  • Meadow. The raw materials are herbs growing in the meadows. This product has a pleasant aroma, good taste, rich yellow color. It is useful for the genitourinary system (prevention and treatment of problems), with bronchitis. It is considered as a delicious sedative, restores sleep, improves the functioning of the nervous system.
  • The mountain. In addition to the energy of plants, such a product absorbs the strength of the healing air of the mountains. It is recommended for treatment of insomnia, thyroid body and vascular system disorders.
  • Forest. It is distinguished by the delicious aroma and taste that the presence of nectar raspberries, lindens, strawberries, hawthorn gives to it. It helps to reduce activity, supports the heart.
  • Steppe. Saturated with the healing properties of fragrant buckwheat, cornflower blue, rapeseed. It is useful for gynecological diseases.
  • Altai herbage. A unique product from the nectar of wild Altai herbs. Contains the healing properties of chamomile, adonis, kiprei, sota, St. John's wort. It is recommended to use at somnipathy, heart rhythm disturbances, respiratory problems. Altai healer helps to cleanse the liver, to improve the functioning of the genitourinary system and even restore mental balance.
  • Bashkir product of herbage. The set of plants inherent in this region is different. The main ones are heather, St. John's wort, cornflower, strawberry, plantain, dandelion. Most of them are essential oils - raw materials for obtaining essential oils, so the value of the product is very high. It has antibacterial and tonic effect, increases resistance to infectious diseases.
Polyfloral honey


Individual intolerance of the components of the product and allergic reaction are the only reasons not to use this product. Contraindication to the use of almost any kind of honey are stomach diseases - gastritis, ulcer, colitis and the like. At least, in their current, do not abuse this product.

People prone to fatness should not use it too much as polyfloral honey has a high content of glucose. For the same reason, there is a contraindication for people suffering from diabetes. It should be also carefully used by people with myocarditis, tuberculosis or cardiac asthma.