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Linden honey

The color of honey from the white or light-yellow to greenish. The color difference is due to the fact that this type of bee product can be collected in different regions (there are far East Linden, Bashkir Linden , etc.). Linden gives a light and pleasant honey, sometimes with bitterness but always with a delicate, sweet aftertaste. Aroma of honey sweet, like lime flowers. The value of the fragrant delicacy not only in the inimitable taste, but also in the healthy composition.

Linden honey

The main components

  • Fructose (21.7-53.9%) and glucose (20.4-44.4%), which in general represents invert sugar. The more it is, the higher the quality of product.
  • Organic acids (burshtinic, acetic, lactic, malic, grape, gluconic, sugar, lemon) - 0.1%.
  • Proteins (enzymes) - 0.3%.
  • Enzymes (alpha and beta-amylases, diastase, catalase, lipase, invertase) are stored until heated to within 60 degrees.
  • Vitamins (group B, PP, E, ascorbic acid).
  • Mineral substances (37 macro- and microelements) - 0.112-0.32%. They are constituents of a variety of enzymes, have a great importance in biochemical processes.
Linden honey

Useful properties:

The valuable composition of white (linden) honey causes its wide range of therapeutic applications.

Linden honey is famous for its diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects; therefore it is so effective for cold. It also has a great virtue for laryngitis, angina, tracheitis, bronchial asthma, irritation of the throat, runny nose, ARD.

The list of useful properties of linden honey can be supplemented with its antibacterial action, due to which its use for treating diseases of the gastrointestinal tract becomes reasonable. It is proved that he removes the inflammatory processes of the liver and improves his condition. It is proved, that linden honey removes inflammatory conditions of the liver and improves its state. Linden honey has a favorable effect on the kidneys and gall bladder.

Eating linden honey is recommended for those who have problems with the cardiovascular and a nervous system, since the beekeeping product removes stress and tension, normalizes sleep, improves metabolism.

Linden honey is useful not only for internal use. The product is characterized by a strong wound healing effect; it is effective for eczema, burns, purulent inflammation and wounds of various kinds.

Linden honey is struggling even with gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms, trichomonads, amoebas and infusoria.


Linden honey is recommended to take with caution for people with diabetes. It is also recommended to avoid linden honey due to allergic reactions to beekeeping products. Men should not abuse this product, because it includes women's hormones. In case of problems with the liver and excess weight, consumption of linden honey is also desirable to limit.