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Buckwheat honey

Buckwheat honey has a rich dark color (from dark brown to dark yellow, sometimes with red or purple hues). The smell and taste of buckwheat honey is difficult to confuse with something else. It combines the harmony of tart and sweet taste. Аfter eating honey throat tickling a few. Such honey quickly crystallizes, therefore acquires a non-uniform structure (the form can be fine-grained or coarse-grained).

Buckwheat honey

The main components

Those particular species have huge advantages over others due to the high content of different nutrients, as follows:

  • Glucose -36.75%, fructose-40.29%
  • Macro- and trace elements (zinc, magnesium, a lot of iron, calcium, phosphorus and others);
  • Minerals;
  • Vitamins (C, E, group B);
  • Protein and amino acids.
Buckwheat honey

Useful properties:

  • High nutrient density. Honey is not only caloric, it provides brain and muscle tissue with glucose and fructose, which help maintain the energy balance;
  • Due to the minerals it is used in the treatment of skin, heart, stomach diseases. In addition, it improves the functioning of the retina and speeds up the repair of festering wounds;
  • Honey healthy supports the immune system, and therefore it is recommended for the treatment of acute respiratory infections, flu, angina, cold and various respiratory diseases;
  • Buckwheat sort helps to get rid of anemia and hypertension. It puts in order the work of blood vessels and enriches the blood, contributing to its development;
  • Restoration of the body at avitaminosis;
  • Normalization of metabolic processes of the body;
  • The ability to remove radionuclides from the body (i.e., clear the body from radiation);
  • Buckwheat honey is a good antidepressant, it helps to cheer up and calm down;
  • Stabilization of acid balance in the stomach. It is recommended for the treatment of ulcers.

These are not all health-promoting properties of honey.

However, it can not only be taken orally, but also widely used for cosmetic procedures.


Buckwheat honey is famous for its useful properties. But, like any medicine, it requires reasonable use. There are people to whom it is contraindicated.

It should not be eaten by the following categories of persons:

  • Allergic and those, who and those who have an individual intolerance to beekeeping products. They can be advised acacia honey, which is considered hypoallergenic.
  • Small children under 2 years old, because they have not yet a stomach to digest this sweet product.