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| The care of bees

The care of bees

For real beekeepers

Beekeeping is not a business, but to a greater extent the ability to give people a product of their cooperation with bees and the quality of this product is very important.

To avoid getting antibiotics into beekeeping products you need:

For the last feeding before wintering

For 100 liters of sugar syrup, dissolve the broth of the following herbs (dry weight):

  • Tansy - 200 gr
  • Yarrow - 200 gr
  • Sorrel horse - 200 gr
  • Grass of Horsetail - 200 gr
  • St. John's Wort - 200 gr

It allows to make better wintering, no diarrhea, nematosis. It is also necessary to remove frames for the winter with larvae so that they do not rot all winter in the hive.

When the volume of syrup varies, the weight of grasses is also changing.

From the tick - only natural remedies - oxalic and formic acid.

In spring, when the bees begin work:

Pour broth into the drinkers (per 1 liter of water):

  • Kidney buds - 20 gr
  • Leaves of blueberry - 20 gr
  • Berry of bilberry - 40 gr
  • Leaves of nettles - 20 gr

Increases the tone and activity, strengthens the immune system.

Almost all preparations for bees sold in our vetaptek contain antibiotics! Means based on natural ingredients - is the guarantee of the health of your bees and people who eat your honey and other foods! In addition, they cost a penny and have a better effect.

According to the regulations of the customs union, the content of antibiotics in the products of beekeeping is PROHIBITED!

And if somehow it it has happened to catch rottenness, by no means it cannot be tried to treat! This case is solved only by burning with the hive and all the contents. Until the end you still cannot cure it, but risk infecting your other families and neighbors' families, as well as infecting all bee products with antibiotics - such a product will not benefit anyone.